Landscape grading, also known as yard leveling, is an architectural landscaping process that uses existing soil or dirt to create smooth surfaces and ensure a level base for construction of landscape additions, foundations for buildings, and roads or driveways. The slope created by the grading process is especially important for drainage of storm runoff, and also enhances the aesthetic value and increases the stability of a lawn following landscaping work.

Grading plays an important role in the overall maintenance and manageability of your yard. Over time, topsoil can shift and settle, causing drainage issues that can play havoc with the growth of trees, shrubs and grass on the lawn. By leveling and compacting the soil properly through landscape grading, you can rest assured that your yard is receiving a controlled amount of moisture, with no unexpected lumps or bumps in the soil causing problems with water runoff.

Choosing a landscaping service for professional grading work can not only eliminate problems caused by irregular, uneven surfaces in your yard, but can also help you maintain the beauty and health of your lawn, trees, shrubs and garden. We can quickly and accurately assess the problem areas in your yard and effectively level it for a finished lawn that is both beautiful and functional.


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