The future of landscaping is here- meet hydroseeding, a bleeding-edge seeding technique that delivers impressive results in much less time and considerably lower cost than traditional lawn seeding and sod installation services. Hydroseeding, also commonly referred to as “liquid sod,” is the latest innovation in landscaping that is gaining attention from homeowners, city planners and others who wish to have a beautiful, lush landscape in just 3-4 weeks. For results you’ll love at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional seeding, hydroseeding may be the solution for you!

Hydroseeding works by combining a custom blend of grass seed specially selected for the unique concerns and needs of your landscape with additives and nutrients to help promote fast, lush, beautiful growth. This mixture is then combined with water and a special hydroseeding mulch to form a slurry, or a slush-like consistency, which is sprayed onto the designated area using specialized hydroseeding equipment. The slurry not only establishes and promotes vegetation in the area where it has been sprayed, but also works to control erosion.

Hydroseeding comes with many advantages over traditional seeding or sod installation. Homeowners who choose hydroseeding will enjoy benefits including water conservation, reduced labor costs, and a gorgeous lawn in just weeks. Virtually any grass seed blend can be applied using the hydroseeding process, so you can still have the aesthetic effect you desire without having to spend large amounts of time and money to achieve the best results. For a beautiful yard at a fraction of the cost and time, Signature Landscape’s professional hydroseeding services may be the answer to your landscaping needs.


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