Sprinkler System Blowouts and Winterizing (Fall Season)

The purpose of winterizing your lawn irrigation system is to prevent possible freeze damage and to maintain the integrity of the system for a trouble free Spring start-up. We refer to this service as “winterization” and can be performed anytime after the irrigation water is turned off for the season.

PRO TIP!  Make sure to schedule your Sprinkler System Winterizing BEFORE the first freeze! This will prevent costly damage to your system.

Don’t wait until “winter” to schedule the service. The service should be scheduled as early as possible.

Early scheduling allows us to schedule more efficiently and keeps the your cost for the service lower. It is not uncommon to have a freeze in early October.

Unlike some irrigation repairs this type of service should be left to the professionals with the proper equipment.

Contact us today to ask questions or schedule your proper Fall Sprinkler Winterizing and Maintenance.


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