Retaining Walls

We specialize in commercial retaining walls, and residential retaining walls.

A well-designed retaining wall that curves to wrap the beauty of your property is one of the best ways to create level, usable space and prevent erosion and water from damaging foundations. Signature Landscape constructs retaining walls that last and design them to flow within the property lines to maximize usable space for people and plants.

Often retaining walls are terraced and are often merged with a stair path or walkway so people can easily move through key areas. Retaining walls can be made with different colors and styles of rocks and blocks to create an elegant look. From a more modern style to a more natural stone construction, your retaining walls will be built to last for years and made specifically to match the landscape design plan for your pathway, patio, deck or entry way.

It’s very important that we come look at your property to determine your soil type and other elements so we can property design and determine the height and width you need for the retaining walls and how storm water may need to flow through the grade during our famous Colorado thunderstorms.

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